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Avoid Transactions

Sat Jun 25, 2016, 2:10 PM

Alright, to start off, let me make this clear by saying I really hate having to do this. However, I can and will happily provide screenshots detailing my Transactions with Lady Lirriea, known as Linka on Furry-Paws. 

Back in January, I commissioned Lady Lirriea, Linka on FP, for a set of lines of a Siberian Husky and a litter of puppies. For a month, I was run around with stories of her being sick, having wisdom teeth removed, and being more concerned with her Real Life Commissions. Fine, alright, I can accept that real life currency is more important than game currency, and hey -- shit happens. 

On February 7th, I asked for a refund. Was told February 14th, after another 7 days of no contact despite her being online, that she would get on my commission the following day. By February 18th, I still had not received any word from her until she sent my money back and told me she would still be doing the lineart in exchange for a review (not a positive review, just a review). When given the first lines, I was not told anything other than "sketch". I waited 4 days of no more contact before leaving a negative review saying two of the puppies were simply copy and pasted and that the lines were choppy and poorly done. 7 days later I receive and angry message saying she wasn't done (despite not telling me anything when she was online the days before) and it was just a sketch. At which point she berated me for not being told she was sick (which I was never told about until afterwards). The review was removed at MY OKAY, at MY CONSENT, to let her put up the finished product instead.  

On February 26th, I was finally given the final product. The two puppies were still copy and pasted despite her saying the lining had changed the positions of them and made them not copy-and-pasted, the lines were incomplete in certain areas, and are very shakily done. Not the quality of work I was under the impression of getting. I'd just opted to not renew my Photoshop, so I let it go and left a neutral review since I now was not able to work closer to it.

A few days ago, I renewed my subscription to Photoshop and was able to work closer with the final lines at which point I saw just how poorly done they were made. And I updated my review to say as much, thus making it a negative review. I made this review on June 6th. On June 24th, Lady Lirriea sent me a message threatening to report me for my review, again as she had done the first time I left a review when the sketch was all that was given. 

I am now being accused of harassment for leaving an honest review of the services I was given. However, because she refunded me, my opinion apparently holds no value (in her words it is null and voided) and the lineart I was given is no longer mine now because I left a negative review. I am having to have Trina complete the line art so as to remove the choppy lines until we get new ones for the project, and am having to now purchase a new set of lines to make up for the bad ones (edit; and to clarrify, I am not calling the lines ugly. However, they were not the quality I had expected or planned on, so they are bad for the project in which I had planned to use them for) I received from Lady Lirriea. And because of my refusal to relinquish my rights to the lines, as the owner of them as they were directly given to me (again, If you would like the screenshots, I have them), she has taken to calling me a thief.

Apparently, a TOS is in effect despite never being told any rules regarding these lines, much less ever seeing this TOS before today (at 11:50 A.M when she sent me the link to it). As any artist knows, once you sell or even just gift, a piece of art to someone, you do not come back 4-5 months later and say "Oh wait, never mind, you can't have these and since I'm the artist, despite giving them/selling them to you, you have no rights and these are now mine."

My experience with this user has been terrible and I strongly encourage anyone who has been looking at her work, to stay far away from her. Very hostile and rude. It's abundantly clear that this is the norm for this player by the sheer number of people who have since messaged me on Furry-Paws to say as much, with her taking on too much work and then "refunding but doing the art for reviews."

- Trent

Again, let me be clear.

Screenshots are available! 


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